Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Missing Dinner~

In my updates online I said "someone stole my dinner outta my apartment Fu@kin lol... My neirbor gave me a spaghetti dinner, So I brought it home...now it's gone and NO my animals did NOT eat it...Someone took it...Mother Fuckers...then later my update was..." Ok laugh I did, BUT it's still not funny! Someone DID come into my place. I found the meals on wheels dinner contain in BRAN NEW condition, no bite marks no tears,NO FOOD,For the full story without an answer u can read my blog LOL...... went for a walk up my street to clear my head and hoped to bump into someone I could chat with (in person is what I needed)..well some of my neirborhood friends we about...but I ended up talking to this musician guy I only met once before...I asked him how life was treating him...then he asked me and I told him if I told ya that you'd think I should be medicated and in a rubber room...But he said go ahead so I told him...9 yrs livin here I have been a target...ect ..The blog begins.... Yesterday my friend and neirbor(who suffers from par-kan-sens dease (sorry my spelling sucks today. I am so exhausted) who I help out gave me her meals on wheels spaghetti dinner...cuz she hates it, and knows I like spaghetti lol...I made her lunch and brought my dinner over to my place...I placed it between the records and upside down dish rack as you can see in the photos, I went back over to her place for tea, then help-out with clean/pack up at the food bank, dropped off a box of food at a friend's home...then I dropped snack food off at the Shelter .. Then came home...I still wasn't hungry. So I gotta online and sent out some love and chatted, joked around...Finally I got hungry. I walk over to where I place it you can see in the photo..(front door closet areaa I have a old sink ful of odds and ends...then there's the upside down dish rack...I placed meal there...place records on top~!)..It was gone~! The box on top of the records wasn't moved...the records were not moved...there was no sauce drops any where...The dogs where in the kitchen the whole time (cuz animal control was to show up to view them and I didn't want them running around and gettin into anythin or making a mess ..I wanted them to be settled with their snacks and toys till it was over...no mess no worry. right?~!) As you can see in the photo there is a bar that is place between the door and wall. It was up all afternoon/evening..everytime I came in to say hello and see if they needed anything it was still up...I look at the bar area front side...see in the photo things are pile up...and from the kitchen side see in the photo...my dogs couldn't have gone thought there without knocking something over, and there is no sauce or spagettie bits or stains anywhere... A friend called me to chat...I told her what happen...she got up set with me...she said things ALWAYS happen to me...(yes they do, but I am not crazy, I am a target, soon I mite go crazy lol) She yelled at me cuz I don't have money to get recording equipment right now.....Fuck me. I need to eat,pay bills and yes I NEED MUSIC/movies/art supplies so I don't go CRAZY. I have placed alttle aside each month and it's a slow go when your broke.( I am almost outta debt, so I won't be broke forever ) Anyways as I was talking to her I was in the kicten ..I happened to look down and see the lid peeking out from under the kicten cabinet, I reached under and the was the food container...NO BITE MARKS, NO TEARS, NO FOOD.....It was in the "new condition" ...You TELL ME if they did ..I didn't think So...Two mistakes I made...I left my door unlocked for about 5 min...and my balncany door was open all day...Dumb ass me...but I needed the balcony door open to air out my place.....I never told my friend I found the container...She just wouldn't believe me. or she'd just say something like I am just fucked or something...I AM NOT I timeline everything...I FEEL inside that someone was in here again..And That guy I talked to agreed.. . I have a list of this.....I shared and am sharing with some friends who care about me...The list has everything on it that has happens to me over the 9 yrs I live here...I will share a few openly here 1. Pee poured outside my door 2. door knob fucked with 3.door knob fucked with again till it fell off 4.dog lead handel dethreaded and placed back where I put it that lead was in new contion , my good friend gave it to me, cuz I was worried about mine~5. persoan pappers moved from one spot to another..6. ear drop meds in my dogs ears...I did't do that..They were being treated with dewormer...and ya don't mix the two..7.for a year and a half three of the neirbors let their dogs charge at Bella and I asked them polity not to let that happen becuz Bella was wintess to her companion Bowzer (my old dog r.ip) hget attacked by a dog..Bella was just about to be attacked when Bowzer step in front of her..Ever since then I have been working on her fear of dogs.. 8.door was craked down the middle and lock was loose...It gets worse and crazyer and harder to explain, I have been complained about, talked about and lied about, and some have exssatated shit... Yes I have had mess here ..but I have cleaned them up, Yes I have played loud music, but now have earphones...and thank God for that ..cuz I can't stand the fucking mind fuck chattering... (as I type my neirbor is out there on her balcony complain and sweeping that it smells like dog out there... I went out and said "hello...it doesn't smell like dog pee on my side."..WE LIVE AT THE GARBAGE SIDE of the building and spring till end of fall all you can smell is garbage) Yes when my dogs were out there on the balcony there was an accident, and the planter soil got knocked over, one tiny piece of poop rolled on to her side...I CLEANED IT UP...But no piss was leaking over or leaking off....They animals where out there becuz I had construction workers in and out and all my shit was pile up in the living room on top of my kicten/livin room stuff mixed with things that my friend who past away family gave me. I Had no working kitchen for 6 yrs...so I had to put that some was and sine they were working IN my kicten I had to put my little ones somewhere safe. YOU CAN SEE IN PHOTO stuff piled up.. That's why. Someone called Animal Control and said I was abusing my animals and had them living on the balcony...Now I have to wait and wait for Animal control to show up... I NEVER HURT MY LITTLE ONES...I NEVER HAVE HURT ANY LIVING THING... These people have messed with me for the full 9 yrs..I have done nothing to them. I have said to them "if you got a problem about something you can always talk to me about it or leave a note" When I have had disagreements I remained civil with the people,..I volunteer at the food bank and shovel snow around the whole property all winter, I help out my neirbors, I mind my own buzyness...I never complained about anyone or thing. exspet one time when my friend was being verbally attacked. I stood up for her and told the office I have had enuff of the bulling that goes on around here... I CAN"T WAIT TO MOVE ...


  1. OH Sweets... that's horrendous. :(
    I'm so sorry... friggers.

    Send me that list hun.... no wonder you want to move so badly.... :(

    Love to you. xoxox

  2. Notbandedorbranded DebbieJune 22, 2010 at 10:04 PM

    Damn Soda!
    I hate that you are in the middle of all that jacked-up BS! I will be so happy, when you and your babies can get out of there. The situation is CRAZY, but you are not. I believe you, but more importantly ...I believe in you :)

    Love to you my Soule Sister!
    Always~Debs :)

  3. Honey, you are not fucked up in any way what so ever. I know you take care of your babies, and these people obviously need to back the fuck off and get their own lives... I hope the Animal Place was cool with things, and woman Lock your place up for all your safety! My love to you always... xoxo

  4. Soule...I didn't realize you have to live in such stressful conditions. There are so many A-Holes out there these days. I will include you in my prayers. It's really nice you helping out at the Shelter. You will be payed back for every good dead, don't worry. Just keep strong and I'm here for you.

  5. Sorry Soda...

    I don't know laws out there but it sounds like something is very wrong if they don't protect you.

    May the assholes that cross Soda find serious stench in their lives.

    Says the Caveman :)