Friday, September 24, 2010

How I Feel ~

I am my Inner Child....Hurting,Fusturated,Angery, ALONE, Misunderstood, I feel beatin down, I am Fearful, Broken, and continusly have people f@ckin with me. Circumstances lefted me NO choices on how I can move ahead and finish anything right now...I am stuck, I can't MOVE to a FINISHED Place. So I collected ALL my CREATIVE Ideas and work on them when I can...Just gotta find away to Deal with THAT.. It has left me feeling WORTHLESS, It has Left others Judeinging me and sayin am just a loser,n should give up cuz I am have done nothing sussceful in what I love... makes me feel like I am NOTHING till I acomplish SOMETHING ANYTHING~Makes me FEEL Alive when I do...DOesn't give anyone the right to take from me without askin,(IT 'S ALL I HAVE) or Sh!t on me becuz I am stuck.. I just wanna Create whatever starts Stirring up from My Soul~ I don't give a Shit if it takes the rest of my LIFE~ I don't care what people wanna say or do to me or walk away from me..Yeah IT HURTS BUT I ' ll GET OVER IT~ It's MINE, MY Creative Time Focus, LIFE~


  1. in the words of J. Krishnamurdi,In his book life in Freedom, Soda, looks like your "standing in your own strength" already, and in the words of Tom Petty "Damn the Torpedos"

  2. LOL I so Love that ~! Tom Rocks ~n~ thank-you You rock to ~!! love to ya~!