Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Guess I'll Die Tryin...Right~?

All my life since I was 5 .. I have been the same person..
I play guitar...you shout @ me! I sing...you shout @ me! I write...you shout @ me! I paint...you shout @ me! I draw...you shout @ me! I pratice acting..you shout @ me! Filming..you shout@ me! Enjoying nature...you shout @ me! When I walk down the street,go visting and I am in my friends home or my own home...sleeping, eating, bathing , hanging with my amiditte family (my Critters) or my engery muses I admire...you come around and drive by -n- shout @ me or shout @ me from a distance,through floors, walls, ceilings, shower stalls,doors.......You repeat your lines, till people repeat them..u follow me...you plant your evil seed-n-go ! You did (-n- do it) outta HATE.. I AM A HONEST SOUL...A CREATIVE SOUL...you said you woud exspoze me and embrass me to the people I admired -n- will admire...Have you ? I know you did to people I don't know...you were in my home,when I wasn't you read my journals..left me messages...you f//ked with my amiditted family,music,food,drink,smokes, MY MIND...you brought your game around innocent + suffering people .
..THAT inrages me !!!! All I feel is apending doom -n- loss ~n~ wake-up in the mornings feeling that...you installed that in me..you are every abusers' voice... I just want to be left alone-n- create...see what happends...You can't see that, you try to stop me...you yell @ me.."skit-so", "liar" ,"do the dishes","I hate you"', " I am danderously close by","rage is coming","change is coming","I seen your face a 1000 times","why do your face expressions change so much ? ", "music is not in you", "pick up", "stoopid bitch", "silly bitch", "we can't see you " ," this is stoopid", "want my life ?", "want my lines?", "tell the turth"..... I do tell the turth...I don't want your lines..I don't want you life...what did you mean by that ? I am not stoopid.... I don't care if you can see me out in the open... I AM ANGRY...I KNOW THE TURTH.. I will FIGHT back...CREATE..Live -n-or die trying....!


  1. You are a beautiful soul, and deserve better. I know your suffering is real, but don't know what I can do to help. All I can do from here is send you my loving thoughts and be here to listen to your cries.

  2. Your a Beautiful Caring Soul ~ Love To ya~!

  3. One of the most amazing women ive known!! So inspiring with an unquestionable deeper beauty that comes from her soul...the truth! love always, Domenic xo...