Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Hardest Part~

The hardest Part in Havin P.T.S.D ... IT ISOLATES YA ~! Cuz HUMANS Judge ya... They think Ya'll Be A Burden to Them, They Think That There's Something Wrong With Ya, They'll Think Your A Weirdo, Wacko, Sicko, Nut~Job... They Think Ya'll NEVER be anything BUT a Disease...NO ONE WANTS TO LOVE SOMEONE WITH THAT "PROBLEM"... ALL THAT Is A F~ING LIE... Time to END That F~ING Cycle... IT"S NOT A DISEASE.. IT'S AN ISSUE...Everyone suffers From it one time or another in Life... Ya'll NEVER Escape off this Planet before Being Touched by it... CRITTER"S Suffer From it TOO... PEOPLE Educate Yourself, Stop Judging ,Hating ~n~ Abandoning Those who SUFFER~. some of them Ya USED To LOVE... ( That F~ING pisses me off That Humans are STILL F~Ing Like THAT..) No One Wants to Suffer, NO ONE ASKED FOR IT~! IT"S A Slow~Death ~Fight When Ya SUFFER ALONE~!

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