Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I don't Really KNOW~ITS ~ (Heart's Logic)~

I don't really know what IT Is... ITS not that I want, Well not really, As a Child yeap,
I wanted to Be Loved,
~Loved ~n~ Acceptance~ is what seemed to be NEEDED ~
IT was a NEED, A Need that became a WANT That was barely full~filled ~n~ Always came at a cost if it Happened~
So through ~out my Years , NEED Yelled at WANT, haunting WANT to remember the COSTS that happen, Desires would take a beat~seat ~n~Laugh at Passion~ WANT was always unsure, Passion Over~Seen Desire to make sure IT wasn't Selfish~n~ IT always Leads back To NEED~
If I NEED then ya think I Want, ..
I do~n~ I don't ....
I do if IT Nurtures My Heart Past any FEAR~n~Doubt,
I don't if IT comes from a selfish source or becomes selfish,
I don't seek IT out, or set IT up to happen,
I don't expect IT at ,
I do accept IT or will accept IT,
IT ...I don't know IT
I thought I knew IT when something was unfoldin... BUT that Unfoldin IT wasn't IT....
ALWAYS happens .... So I LAUGH AT IT For Haunting My Heart.....
I think IT is Laughin' at My Heart's Logic ~ well too bad IT.... My Heart's Logic has Become IT,
~n~ IT was LOVE Laughing at Desire,Passion,Want~n~Need......
IT became LOVE from MY Hearts Logic... IT became something that lacked in my Years, Somethin I never received without a Cost~
MY HEART's LOGIC IS IT~ N~ Waits no, Wants Not No More~ Just settles Need into a soothed State to Embrace what part of IT Needs to Embrace me....

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