Saturday, May 1, 2010

What It Is

Life's at a still
While the world spins in and out
around my mind
before these dried out red eyes
Straining to see if you've been truthfully living yours
Paper cuts and
Nothing short of this long story
that the book publisher didn't want to publish
Too scared himself to read
If people only knew who really turned his page
Cigarettes and coffee
swallows back down the lungs
Who really needs to breathe in the bull shit anyways
Ashes and jelly beans are a kind of dream to dream now-a-days
sitting on an old bar stool
out on my balcony
too late in the night to make a stand
Too early in the morning to sit and remember what I was suppoze to stand for
My thoughts compoze the other ones
And my feelings tell me 'shut it off', how can you stand the chatter'
It's just the higher power flattering me
That my mind still works
And I need to remain unnumb by the fact of it all
I would demand an inner-silence
but I am alone right now
So pen to paper
seeing it with my own eyes
and back into my mind again
to keep me buzy and away from the feelings of loneliness
Candle brunt out..I was sure it would last till morning
Not sure of anything anymore
Just sure of the truth that pounds my heart
and the soul secret kept
Sleep will overwhelm me soon
My head will have connected to the pillow
instead of someone's beating heart of lies
My body will lay restless and shivering
from the falls' early air
Covers can't hide that fact of it all
of the chilling truth of it all
The truth of what you did
and left me
Can't stop smelling your perfume
Got to stop thinking of you
So it's cigarettes and coffee
pen to paper
turning the page
and seeing you walk by and living your life
While I strain my eyes
as my mind stills
Spinning the world...........Soda Soule sept 24 2008


  1. I don't know how you do it, but your pix always totally go with your writing. lol I spend as much time looking at your pix as I do reading!! lol Love you lady!! xoxox

  2. Where are you? We are all worried, please answer.... somewhere that you are out there and ok.

    Love you lady. :)xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxooxxoxoxoox