Saturday, May 8, 2010

Old writings of mine

I Have Pentey
I'm flat broke,
just like the beer someone bought me
I'm alone,
just need someone to talk to.
I need new shoes.
The old ones have walked their last mile,
from the road I travelled on,
alot with a fake smile.
Oh I have plenty...
What's left in my Soul~
Just like many ,
tryin' to reach a goal.
Oh I have plenty ...
What's let in my Soul ~
Copyright 1996 Soda Soule
Whizby Writing Sheet By Rob and Soda Soule 1996
Sit down, sad wings.
Leaves home, never sings.
Saw your eyes,
picture in a frame,
No soul left to wonder,
What's in your name.
Smoking no air,
Tress in the wind.

Hand and hand, rebegin.
Love another.
Eyes like a rose.
Soft as a pedal ,
No one knows.
Blind on strings,
Lose your Soul.Hate has gain.
Nothings told.
Sea rush by an ocean flow.
In gentleness, nothings sold.
Never spoken tears,
life unfound throughout the years.
Sun passes by,
Moon a lift.
Stars shine down , to give a gift.
No hope your saying,
in despair.
One more , God..
to give a care.
Still thrills, as he leaves.
Sitting there as you please.
Wished for love,but...
Burned and failed.
Title fight,
fire a thought.
Found out,
nothings bought.
No way out of the storm
on a night full of stones.
Lakes of tears,
We shed so deep.
Whisper screams,
We fall asleep.
Hollow...emptiness inside
my life sweaped aside
Space,... never,
Wolf, sell no more of your lies.
In bitter taste .. you whore,
You rode away with my broken winds.
I sing to ease what sings~ (re-write 1997) (gunslinger pic is Karen Stever ) I messed with her photo... LOL...

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