Friday, December 23, 2011


Release yourself from the chains of the past,
Relieve yourself from the burdens of the present,
Spread your wings and fly towards the future,
Take control of you destiny,
Fate awaits you,
Let your soul awake,
Let your spirit guide you,
Open your mind,
Follow your heart,
Allow yourself to grow,
Don't let negative thoughts intrude on the positive ones,
Make peace with the darkness,
Learn what you can to advoid past mistakes,
Then move on,
Make a new start,
Stay in the light,
Prepare yourself,
Confidence the key,
Compassion, love and understanding...
Take them with you,
Stand firm on your values,
Be wise, and just, if you have to fight,
Don't fear your future,
Don't let them tread on you
Don't let them win,
Why let them win?
Why let them hold you back?
Why hold on to the them that cheat you out of you happiness?
Be yourself,
Love and protect yourself,
Search for what will full fill you,
Take what does,
Take your freedom flight.
copyright 2002

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