Thursday, December 22, 2011

~UnDeR~oVeR~mOvIn' FoRwArD~ "Under~A~Flight~Path~Again~"

( I hope Karen Stever Don't Mind... It Just Touchs Me , Everything She shared about Her Dad~ N~ Everything ...THIS REMINDS Me of EVERYTHING as a Child I Wished to Feel~n~ was Left To Wonder~Everything From Freedom Flights That Should Have Remained , But IT Was Robbed From My Soul~n~ Everything I ALWAYS Felt~n~Feel, I Need To NOT Be Afraid... I Still Feel IT.... Months before a blog She Wrote I was Under The Path Of Flight By an Air~Plane....Even AFTER, hahahaha, IT STILL HAPPENS...I AM AWAKE To my Emotions of "FORWARD...FREEDOM AHEAD.... FLY" ~ THANK~YA KAREN,Karen's DAD~n~ The Air~Planes That have "Stalked" My "Under~Path"....

"Heed In The Moments of Warring, Is it Not What the Spirit Crys, Still In Each Moment , I Will Fly,
Within A Dream... It was Born Callin' Me, Callin Me Back Home,
Oh Heaven's Planted Seed, Angels Whisper For The Wind,
Guide My Urge To Flight,
Then Guide My Soul Again,
Should A Child Un~Winged Not Be Noticed,
Should I As A Child~Remain,
Paths To Be Flown, Wingless To Remain.
Oh Rebel Sky Provoke me, Gentle Breeze Begin,
The Freedom Walked Below, Is The Freedom
Flyin' STILL Above....Begin~"

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