Wednesday, December 21, 2011


‎"My Eye's Born Shut, I Can't See The Flow, Just FEEL The Flow,Grow With The Flow, Move In The Flow, Follow The Flow Direction~" Reachin' Out To Re~Feel The Flow~ Create , Breath, Live Without Dieing ,Pushin' Past Fear, The Only Weapon Is FORWARD Into the Unknown, Unseen , The Experiences Without Oppression, The Innocent Can Come Outta The Hidden. Nothing was Lost, Just The Trust, Reinsurance Regains The Rein...The Child Within Can Speak, Explore,Play, Come ALIVE in the Anewed Flow Without Question, Just Wonders ~n~ Curiosity , A Time to Seek....Its Always LOCKED Within, Never was Lost, Just Growin', Never was Seeing, Just Feeling the Flow, The Urge to Let Go,.
EYE"S Born Shut, That Wisdom Within Nature holds the Key, Speaks to Me, In Doubt I'll Close my Eyes. In Fear,I'll Still Grow, There's Freedom in The Flow..... EYE"S Born Shut, The Child's Soul can Voice, The Heart Will Heal, The Mind Awake.
EYE"S Born Shut, So That I Can Embrace The Flow, FEEL The Flow ,Hear The Sound~Trax of My Discontent~n~Grow~"

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