Sunday, April 22, 2012



by Soda Soule on Saturday, January 28, 2012 at 10:03pm ·
I watched the Train Leave....,
The Enigma OF The Unborn Love's Hidden Speech,
The Labyrinth Of All Fears Dancing ,
Places my Soul Back Upon The Open Graves,
A PlayGround Full Of All I have Battled,
 All Foe's Souls ~Energy Still Lie Awake Within The Veined ~ Fields Of Rage,
 Loss ,,
 I Now Have the Power Of It To Hold In My Hand,
Action Out On One's Self,
 Or Do Away With Any Passer By,
Fear Now the Motivator~>? ,
 Instead of The Unborn Love,
 I Have Not Met,
The Hidden Speech Motivated Me Untill Fear Mazed Me Into This State,
Still LOVE Unborn, 
Wanting To Breathe,
I Have No Where to Place It Yet
,Since My Death,Death~Alive to Ride Amongst The Skeletons's Crawl ,
Ride Along~Side The Labyrinths' Walls,
My World,
Surrounded By Their Worlds, ~n~ Their Walls,
I am Within The Enigma Of a LOVE Unborn ,
The Labyrinth Of Fears,
My Motivation was First Just That ,
That was NOT There,
The Unattainable Without Cost Or Care,
Motivated By Something I Learned Now Not To Understand,
How Can I Understand Something That Does not Exist Beyond Being Born,
 Why Does It Mock Me,
Provoke Me,
 Is it Deceiving Me Into Believing In Something That Will Never Become,
 N Fear Was A Way To Motivate Me Into This Truth,
Leave Me HERE On This Battle~Flied,
Empty ,
Except For Foe's Souls ~Energy ,
Awakened Within The Veined ~ Fields of Hope
Tainted By Fear Echoing Darkness
With That Hidden Speech Now Turned Away From BEING,
Within The Enigma,The Labyrinth Walls Of Fears
,My World,Surrounded By Their Worlds, 
~n~ Their Walls,
The Skeleton's Crawl is Now Of My Own Abandonment,
Loss ,
Veined ~ Fields Of Rage,
 Fought All That There Was To Fight,
Fight Fear That Is Always The Same,
Just To Have My Unborn Motivator Speak,
Try To Regain The Hold Of Love Unborn,
Never Met, 
The Hidden Speech Now So Well Kept~
(words by Soda Soule ART by Laurie lipton)

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