Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I just feel the hurt today. All day, leading into the night.
I can't do it anymore.
I can't go through it anymore.
I am not allowin you back into my Life.
When I could have needed a friend, you selfishly abandoned me becuz I couldn't do you a favor.
I was exhausted out~n~going through alot of hell.
I wasn't eating or sleeping well~n~ I was under alot of stress~n~ fear.
I never heard the phone ring or the alarm go off.
I am not an unreliable person. I have always been there for anyone who needed me. Even if I was exhausted out.
You knew what I was going through~N~ didn't care to ask me how I was.
You just yelled at me ~n~ accused me of not being a good friend.
Weeks past by ~n~ You haven't called.
If you ever do, the only thing I have to say is good~bye.
I do not want people in my Life that treat me that way.
This wasn't the first time you did this,~n~ I feel it will never be the last.
So I am nipping future hurts in the bud.
I also miss my Critters that past away, I miss them alot.
I feel so overwhelmed by the lost~n~ frustrated with everything.
Everything has been messin up or not working.
So I am just takin an ez flow, ez go night ~n~ I hope to feel less pain~n~ frustration in the Morning.~ April 29 2011 Soda Soule

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