Tuesday, September 20, 2011


"Did ya look deep in to your Self, Do ya remember what was what ya claim to be a gift in others is what has always been in YOU .~N~ Did ya listen, will ya hear, Simplicity.. it"s Callin ya , that it is eazly understood if ya give into the LISTEN, The Still of Your Soul aching from Innocence, Your Want for Real, Are You Waiting,Death fast quick for those who hold on to the blinding, binding, deafening forces within ~N surrounds like Wolves from Hell. Do ya dare to look, Listen,Feel. N fall into All that was You. On the day it was givin, On the day that You were Born, N If robbed from birth, on the the day you were Reborn.. Or If ya have the chance of Rebirth... Will Ya, Look, Listen,Feel~Love to yas, Soda Soule~

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