Tuesday, September 20, 2011


People have no consideration,
No Respect, Whether they did an action by accident, or a mistake unknowingly or knowingly,
They don't except it...they don't make amends.
What they do to Nature, is what they do to each other.
No consideration, no respect, no appreciation...
They look away ~n~ move on as if nothing ever happend when a Road~Kill happend.
Critters or Humans, it's treated the same.
If people did do something, they have hidden agendas, a selfish motive.
It's always half ~ass, so they can show~boat their actions, show~ boat they care.
Get what they want ~n~ dance the "faw~sawed"
Where's the Compassion,
Where's the Real,
Showin your Human, Showin Compassion,Showin' Respect, Showin' Apersheation, Showin Real, BEING REAL ~

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