Tuesday, September 20, 2011

(From "One A Night~) # 14

Ambient blue light aluminates someone else's soaking artwork, floating in my tub.
The butter knife scrapin' into the paints ~n~ onto the blank canvas underneath, becomes my Heart's Sound~Trax,
Wantin everything to be pealed back, scraped off. It wasn't mine.
I don't like the attachments, The energy surging from Dark Hidden Truths with agendas .
Disturbia becomes soothed , as the Soul guides~n~ becomes manipulative, influencing my eyes of sights of wants ~n~ needs.
Influencing to come out into forms shapes ~n~ signs of all hidden wants ~n~ needs envisioned.

The Sound~Trax plays on,
Toyin with the Imperfect Balance, between The Muses of the Moment ~n~ The awaking of the Inner Demons' Lair...
Beckoning the Silent Still ~n~ The Slow Death.
Layered Paint~ Pealed Emotions, Floatin above the clouded water.
The under~layer showin no Mercy.
Exhausted ~n~ Determined to con'd . I want to see under the First Layer Hidden. It has become Mine now.
The Under Layer lifting, First Hidden Layer Disappears.
Why doesn't the Fear~Panic~dizzying Vision of the Naked Blank Canvas Reborn in the Void ~?

I realize I have been Isolated ~n~ Alienated for far too long... all my LIFE.
There's more Canvases to scrape ~n~ The Sound~Trax plays on.
The Soul inside the Void Listens ~n~ Influences the Mind's Eye to form~n~sign into~n~ past the Void, Reassuring The Reborn Blank Canvas~. May 6 2011 Soda Soule~

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