Tuesday, September 20, 2011

(From One A Night~ ) #11

Will they con'd to rob me of my moments~?
I sat on the Hill yesterday ~n~ thought of my existence ~n~ wondered if I could remain existing if all my moments where robbed by evil~minded souls, interrupting each ~n~ everyone.

Sit at the hill ~n pounder existing.
My mind combining "The Double Jeopardy Wheel of Thoughts."
While my ears funnel in the sounds of chattering voices.
Nature soothes, while hidden, out of sight Humans detain the moment.
My eyes stare out towards the hidden human beings, towards the void.
The "Double Jeopard Wheel of Thoughts" spins out of control,
as I struggle to regain my Peace of Mind,
as I try to embrace the quiet within,
as I curve ~n~ drift my thoughts to cycle n enclose the wheel of negativity~N~ stop the spin .
But I start to suffocate ~n~ the more I try to breathe the more my breath leaves me.

Chattering voices induce the turmoil, awaking the past, combining the present.
I want to scream " Shut the fuck up~ Leave me alone"
I did in the past, but I can't today.

I sit on the concrete ~n~ watch The Freedom Flight of the Birds, The Free~Fall of the Rain...
There is now contrast to this moment,.....wait...here it comes...
The chattering hidden humans, being the contrast to what I have just embraced.

Now the struggle within starts again to gain back the moment,
the moment so needed to hand~hold strength to move into another moment, while Mother Nature guides the Muses to path with me.
The hidden evil humans con'd to rob me of my moments I con'd to embrace.
I struggle as the "Double Jeopardy Wheel of Thoughts" spins.
Combining with the moment mixed, Nature Muses ~n~ deceitful begins, less the human beings try ~n~ rob me of my moment.
May 3 2011 Soda Soule~

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