Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mother Nature does speak,~n~ Angels do send signs of Reassurance~

After Dipper was settled in I went out for awhile.
I went to the spot where the Beaver was hit by a car.
While layin in the grass, Swallows flew over head.
Rare to see them flyin in the city or within the city limits.
Sea Gulls also flew around ~n~ above me.
Then I noticed the Clouds formed a shape around the clear part of the Sky..
It was the shape of a Bird in Flight ~n~ as The Bird of Flight moved across the Sky, the eyes ~n~beak of the Bird changed into other Bird's eyes ~n~beaks.
It captured my Imagination ~n~ also comforted my mixed emotions. Mother Nature does speak,~n~ Angels do send signs of Reassurance.
I have in the past been alienated. Felt the sting of isolation.Had my Freedoms tooken away or put on hold.
I have felt abandonment from Human Kind.
I never felt this from Nature.
I never felt disconnected from Nature.
If I started feelin a disconnection in the World, Nature has sent me a sign of Reassurance, that I am still apart of the connection.
Even though I am small, I have never felt belittled by Nature.
I have been nurtured ~n~soothed...each part of me.
From my imagination to my creativeness, to just breathin, growin, learnin,connecting, feelin at ease~n~at peace that I do belong n I am making a difference, n my Soul's path is still being walked in the Light.
My emotions where mixed today, along with Dipper's.
It was a combination of my own struggles ~n~then how I felt about Dipper's n how He was feelin about losing His wing.
Dipper AMAZED me today~n~ Inspired me too.
He went from shock, to anger, which I felt along with Him...But He kept He's connection with me open ~n~ we communicated with each other through it.
My heart broke with His. I wanted to cry, I felt angry for Him ~n~ with Him.
His FREEDOM of Flight was grounded....Man I know this one all to well.
Then He looked up at me after the bandages were on, ~n~ He had this look of sudden Confidence .
~n~ tryed standing~n~balancing Himself.
I took Him outside on the grass after His bath to soak up the Sun ~n~dry off.
Each of His moments started with feeling anger, then He'd looked around with Wonder in His eyes at the sights that surrounded Him.
He got Confident ~n~ walked abit, then settled back down in the grass to rest.
I was worried about Him, cuz I know how it felt when my Freedom was on hold.
He seems to be talking it into step~ stages. I hope it con'ds.
I have been "Step~Staging" my own ~n~ I will be Step~Staging with Dipper's.
We're combining our Step~Stages together ~n~ will be exploring Freedom in its rare forms. ~n~ Flyin Free in new ways, still connected to the Flight~n~ shedin of the angry moments of "Doubt of Happyness".
NOT gonna dwell in the loss. Just gonna look at the adventure with an open mind.
It is so ez to get stuck in the anger, the depressive state of loss, the wanting to disconnect~n~ dwell on the hurt cauzed by others that alienate ~n~mock.
Stayin away from the State of Fear...just gonna face the fear of "not accomplishing goals", face the fear of "able to or not" n See the fear fail...
~n~see the ground dissapear, ~n~ the Sky wide~open like arms stretched ~!
Dipper is settled in for the night now on His snake bed.
I'll be settling in soon enuff.
We'll both be dreaming the same~n~focusing on the new Freedom Flight in Session~.

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