Saturday, September 24, 2011

EVERYDAY I FIGHT my Insainitys, EVERYDAY I am...........

EVERYDAY I FIGHT my Insainitys, EVERYDAY I am hated, betrayed , f@cked with..EVERY MOMENT is robbed by negativity from others, EVERYDAY I live in FEAR that I will lose my MIND~EVERYDAY the hateful people that surround me make me feel so low,so dark, that I don't wanna fight that urge anymore to not exist ~ EVERYDAY I FIGHT to hold on to whatever Love comes my way, ~n~ I try to believe things will get better.. IT HAS gotten to the point where it's a TRY to BELIEVE...instead of FEELING things will be better ~n~LOVE shown is REAL....NO LIP~ SERVICE PLEAZE, COMPASSION IS AN ACTION~

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