Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Can you Hear the Sounds of Nature's Soul Song Singing out~
Are you STILL enough to Feel the Emotions Vibrating through the Growing Grass, The Earth Moving beneath you,
The Wind collaborating with The Clouds in The Sky~n~ The Waves of the Lakes ~n~Oceans, Moving the Shapes Of Nature's Symphony, the Back~ Bone Beats of all Livin Souls,
From Winter's Soothing Dorment State to Lu~la~by the Soul to be at Peace, Rest ~n~ Regain Strength, to endure the bitter hardship...heading into Springs's Reform~n~ Rebirth ~
Can you feel the Restless Awakenings from Mother Nature's Children, The Fearlessness while They break away from the Womb~?
Are you apart of Summer's Rebellion against stunted Growth~n~ sudden Death~?
Embracing ~n~ Nurturing into Fall's Slumber, where Angels sing Your Soul to Sleep~?
Is your conscious clear of no harm done, Your Mind Open, Heart Pure ~n~full of Good Intentions, Your Soul Awake ~n~ ready to Sing its Own Song along with the Choir of Nature~?

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