Tuesday, September 20, 2011

so be it for now~

You mocked me long enuff.
I have been locked~up long enuff.
Music is not my Coffin.
You placed me there~n ~would love to keep me there in the Coffin,
Buried deep under~ground......so be it for now......
Maggots need to feed on the flesh,
the cowardly skin I couldn't shed.
Maggots aren't my only friend down under here.
Beneath the dirt, within the decay I helped you rot what was left.
The Worms can do the rest......
Clean~n~clear it, exspoze my backbone .
The Sematary Tree roots dig deep... in-tangling themselfs in ~n~ around my skeleton.
Webbin~n~weavin throughout my rib cage.
Providing me a place for Air.
When I am ready, I'll breathe it.
For now I'll wait ~n~ take in the lingering smog of self defeat you provided for me , as aparting gift.
It was so thoughtful ~n~ unselfish of you not to brag that it was your doing.
Thank~you for allowing me to lay here alone.
Refreshing this time you didn't wanna have the congrats, the pats on the back for a job well done.
It was a surprize ~n~an amazing one at that~!
Now leave me ALONE with my new friends.
Leave me lay here restless, listenin to my new Muses feedin on what's left of me,
Feeding on the DEATH of me.
Feedin me, Breathing for me~

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